For all new and expecting mother’s out there, we here at Seed Bank Box have put together a great selection of organic seeds to help you create a baby food garden.  We all know how important it is to provide high quality, nutrient dense, organic food for our children and this box of organic seeds will help you make the best baby food possible for your little ones.  


Baby Food Box 

List of Seeds 


  • Early Frosty Pea
  • Alderman Pea
  • Little Fingers Carrots 
  • Bambino Carrots 
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon 
  • Cream off the Crown Squash 
  • Sugar Pie Pumpkin 
  • Cylindra Beet 
  • Topnotch Golden Wax Bean 
  • Spearmint 
  • Dwarf Siberian Kale 
  • Spacemaster Cucumber 

Baby Food Box - 12 Organic Seed Varieties