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Foliar Feed Package - Noble Gills 32oz Bottle + Essence 32oz Bottle


“Noble Gills 3-1-1” is a high quality liquid fish fertilizer, formulated to aide at each stage of plant development.  “Noble Gills 3-1-1”contains a 3% digestible protein nitrogen derived from fish soluble. This proprietary blend of fish fertilizer helps maintain steady plant growth during vegetative stage while providing just the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for fruit development. Noble Gills 3-1-1 provides an abundant food source for beneficial microbes with every application to the soil and foliage.
 What makes “Noble Gills 3-1-1” so unique? Is the combination of sardine species . While sardines may be small, they are an excellent choice for a fish fertilizer.  Sardines tend to live in colder water. Living in this environment the fish produce a higher fat and protein content. It is these fish that are chosen for “Noble Gills 3-1-1.” The true royalty of the sea.



The purest form of Ascophyllum nodosum (Seaweed) can only be found in Essence. Our mineral rich kelp is formulated and designed to feed your plants below and above all season long. Essence naturally contains plant growth hormones. When used as a foliar spray, Essence provides available minerals that act as co-factors activating biochemical reactions in the plant cells. Due to Essence purest form, the fibrous material is an excellent source of organic matter and microbial food. 


Foliar Feed Package - Noble Gills 32oz Bottle + Essence 32oz Bottle

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