Life 3-5-2 

Life is a combination of all natural ingredients fused into one soft  dry fertilizer. Life provides the necessary macro nutrients needed to sustain plant development during all stages growth. In the early stages of plant growth, it is vital to provide calcium to young seedlings, Life contains 8% available calcium, which is just as important as N-P-K. Life will help increase microbial diversity in bulk soil blends speeding up the process of mineralization. Life can be mixed, topped and or side dressed at the appropriate phenological stages. This 3-5-2 provides the ideal ingredient for compost brewers.


Soil Application

The following recommendations are a guide to help maximize plant growth by optimizing nutrient available during plant development. Life should be mixed in or top dress on the soil. Apply at a rate of 1 pound per new planting(Trees)

For Existing Trees. Apply 5 pounds LIFE extending to the edge of the foliage.


Soil Substrate Preparation

The following guide is for a one (1) gallon pot. 

Mix Life at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2 ounce to one (1) gallon ( 4 liters) of soil substrate. For best results use in conjunction with Heart and Acktina every watering at 2 ml per gallon of water. 

Life 3-5-2, Granular 2lb bag