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Monthly Seed Bank Box

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Our Seed Curator will be choosing amazing seeds to put in the boxes every month.  Everything from root vegetables, vining vegetables, fruit plants, leafy greens, edible flowers, rare heirloom varieties, even medicines, the possibilities are endless. All of our seeds are for edible gardens. Expect 8 to 10 varieties of seeds every month. 


Some people will be planting in raised-beds.  Other people will be planting in the ground.  A few of you may be container gardening on a patio or porch.  Every month we will be choosing new seeds to go into his home garden and sharing those seeds with you so that all of our gardens can grow together.  If you live in a cooler climate, simply hold on to your seeds till the weather warms up.  If you have a green house or would like to start your seeds inside, that's great too!

Monthly Seed Bank Box

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