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Soul 32oz Bottle - High Quality Soil Amendment

Soul a liquid humic acid derivative designed by nature to bind, transport and deposit vital nutrients and minerals to the plants metabolic sights. Souls' low pH solution allows minerals to remain in there ionic form rendering a higher rate of absorption by the plant cells. The unique positively and negatively charge molecular structures of Soul, makes for a universal chelator of all macro and micro nutrients.


Soil Application

The following recommendations are a guide to help maximize plant growth by optimizing nutrient available during plant development. Soul should be applied at a rate of 30 ml/gallon of nutrient solution. Increase the rate up to 2 oz/gallon of nutrient solution during flowering. 

Foliar Applications: Apply 5 ml/gallon of water. Spray foliage every two weeks throughout the  growth cycle

Hydroponic Application

For hydroponic use apply Soul at a rate of 1.5 ml/gallon. Increase the rate up to 2.5 ml/gallon of nutrient solution during flowering.  Adjust pH as needed.

Soul 32oz Bottle - High Quality Soil Amendment

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